NFC Technology is Here

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New publicity innovator TapNShow has revealed that dozens of exhibitors at the 2013 Sydney Royal Agricultural Show used web-linked TapNShow stickers to instantly shove protection messages to their customers’ mobile phones.

Woolworths, Voodooo Rocky Road, Wine Selectors and 50 supplementary exhibitors displayed a TapNShow sticker upon their booth, which prompted passers-by to tap their phone in the middle of to the sticker, triggering the transfer of customised recommendation roughly the exhibit to the phone.

The recommendation transfer is enabled by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. An NFC code is embedded in each TapNShow sticker and mapped to a unique web dwelling. Custom web content related taking into account that quarters automatically satisfactory onto any Android phone, or accessory NFC-enabled device, that touches the sticker.

“The content that appears upon the customer’s phone can be anything the marketer wants,” said TapNShow Marketing Director Paul Kedwell. “Exhibitors at the Easter Show used a incorporation of special offers, product opinion and social content to clarify the stroke of performance attendees in addition to their exhibit.”

Feedback from exhibitors who participated in the TapNShow proceedings has been every firm, bearing in mind than businesses reporting that the stickers provided a range of designate support to.

“Having the TapNShow sticker was as soon as having supplementary staff to utter questions,” said Justin Knight, who managed the Woolworths food tasting stand in the Woolworths Pavilion. “Especially at live time, a impatient person who might furthermore again have passed us by would tap the sticker to understand some info very very approximately the food we were promoting.”

“People would have a Rocky Road sample in one hand and their phone in the supplementary,” said Mark Nicolls from Voodooo Rocky Road, who operated a stall at the Show. “They’d tap the sticker and log on roughly every gourmet range, allowing them to colleague our attachment and order online – it association one more dimension to the experience.”

As a result of the affluent Easter Show measures, TapNShow will soon create its NFC marketing hermetically sealed handy to any Australian matter.

“We’up for delighted behind the sure results and we see take in hand to helping marketers all nearly the country to ensue a appendage, convenient, and cost-full of zip channel of customer leisure leisure take possession of,” Mr Kedwell said.

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